Mortgage Rates and Loan Programs

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The lenders at Stifel Bank want to provide mortgage rate quotes to you. It's our job… it's Step 1 of what we do. Mortgage rates are not one-size-fits-all, so we need some information in order to provide you with accurate mortgage rates. Our Mortgage Team will be glad to let you know approximately what mortgage rates are at any given time.

Think of mortgage rates like shoes; you need a pair that fits your foot as well as your style. In order to quote a mortgage rate to fit your needs, we will need to learn a bit about you and your needs to quote a specific rate and program to meet your needs.

Please be prepared to answer the following in order to receive an accurate mortgage rate quote:

  • Loan Purpose: Purchase or Refinance
  • Occupancy Status: Primary Residence, Second Home, or Investment Property
  • Home Type: Single Family, Condo, or Townhome
  • Estimated Home Value
  • Anticipated Loan Amount
  • Taxes and Insurance Escrow/Waiver
  • Approximate Credit Score (credit reports are obtained by Stifel Bank)

Other factors may impact the rate based on loan programs and qualifying criteria. Your Stifel Bank lender may ask questions about income and assets in order to provide accurate rates.

In addition to the right rate, our lenders want to help you receive the right loan program to meet your needs. With FHA, Conventional, Jumbo, VA, USDA, MHDC, and Portfolio loans, as well as Mortgage Insurance options, your lender will work with you determine what loan details best fit your needs now and in the future.

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