Securities-Based Lending

Securities Lending Photo At times, balancing your investment performance and maintaining adequate cash flow can be a challenge. Most investors who need access to funds don't want to lose momentum in their portfolio.

For clients who are considering liquidating assets or making other changes in their portfolio to meet cash flow needs, we have an equity access solution to provide liquidity without selling investments.

The Stifel Pledged Asset, or SPA Loan Account, keeps your assets in place while providing you access to the equity within those assets as cash.

On-line Access

For Business Use:

  • Cash Flow
  • Investing
  • Expansion

For Personal Use:

  • Travel
  • Major Purchases
  • Taxes
You may use the funds from your SPA Loan Account as you wish; with one restriction: SPA funds cannot be used to purchase or carry securities, or pay margin debt.

The SPA Account provides flexibility in cash management without losing momentum on your investment path.

The SPA Account is a Line of Credit secured by your investments or marketable securities. The amount of cash you can access is based on the value and types of marketable securities placed in the account.

The Stifel team will perform a complete portfolio analysis, review the value of your qualified securities and determine the overall cash access you could obtain with a SPA Account. Some investment types are not eligible as collateral in a SPA Account. Your Stifel Bank SPA team will be able to provide specific information regarding the eligible securities in your portfolio.

You will still have the freedom to buy, sell, trade, and receive dividends and all of the other typical benefits of your securities.

The investment vehicles in your SPA Account represent the collateral for the loan. You have full access to conduct normal transactions with those investments. As an account holder, you will be required to keep a specified level of assets in the account.

The SPA Account is designed with flexibility to meet your needs. Cash can be accessed easily and quickly. Whether you want your entire account value at once for a major purchase, or prefer to access funds incrementally, your SPA Account is there to suit your individual requirements.

A SPA Account can be initiated for business or personal needs. The account can be titled in the name of an individual, trust, or corporation.

Speak with your Financial Advisor and the SPA Account team about your risk tolerance level and specifically the potential risks associated with a SPA Account.

The SPA Account is a demand loan using the assets in the account as collateral. If the value of the collateral is not maintained, the account holder will be required to (1) post additional qualified collateral, (2) repay a portion or all of the debt, or (3) forfeit that shortfall in value of pledged assets to Stifel Bank & Trust. If the call is not met, Stifel Bank & Trust can liquidate some or all of the assets in the SPA Account. If terms of the account are not maintained, Stifel Bank & Trust may call the loan due and payable.

Stifel Bank & Trust is an Equal Opportunity Lender. All SPA Accounts are subject to credit approval.

In accordance with CFR Regulation U, proceeds from a SPA Account cannot be used to purchase, carry, or trade securities or repay margin debt. As a “non-purpose” loan, the account holder is required to state the intended use of the funds at application.

With this and any financial product, consult your tax advisor for details.


If you would like more information on how a Stifel Pledged Asset Account can help you attain your long-term goals, please contact the SPA Account Team at (866) 590-0908 or via e-mail at